Septième en D2 Ladies au moment de l’arrêt du championnat en mars, le BBRFC Celtic aborde la nouvelle saison avec un staff inchangé.

Graham Edwards, président du club bruxellois, rempile pour une cinquième saison consécutive au coaching de l’équipe féminine.

L’ancienne joueuse Jo Wilkinson (mêlée, avants) poursuit également, à l’image de Pierre Gros (touches, avants), Panagiotis Spiliotis (arrières) et Igor Viaud (attaque, jeu ouvert).

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It is with great pleasure that BBRFC-Celtic announce their coaching team for the Ladies team playing in D2 for the 2020-2021 season. . Continuing on as Head Coach for his 5th season, is Graham Edwards. Returning also each for their 2nd year as full assistant coaches and with expanded roles and responsibilities for the forthcoming season are former player Jo Wilkinson overseeing scrums and forwards play, Pierre Sultana in charge of Line-Outs and forwards play, Panagiotis Spiliotis responsible for the Backs and Igor Viaud who will work on the break-down and open play. . Between them they look forward to the challenges ahead and coaching the current dedicated Ladies squad and welcoming new recruits all through the season. . For more information on joining the Ladies XV Rugby team, email

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